Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

At Codebreakers, we take privacy very seriously. This privacy policy is only applicable to our own website; not to the websites that we realize for our clients. At first, it’s not necessary to provide us with personal information. In order to optimally serve our customers, however, this is necessary under certain circumstances. Think, for example, of filling in our contact form, or of subscribing to our newsletter. Codebreakers will process the received personal information according to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens – WBP). This means that we will never provide any third parties with personal information without permission. The personal information that we receive will only used by Codebreakers for the services for which we received the data.

Contact Form

When filling in our contact form, the following data is processed:

– Your first and/or last name

– Your email address

– Your phone number (not obligatory)

– Your website (not obligatory)


When you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be asked for permission twice. First, you will subscribe to our newsletter on our website. Then you will receive a confirmation email. By clicking the link in the email, you confirm your subscription to the newsletter. We need your email address In order to send you a personal newsletter. This data will only be used for sending the newsletter. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by using the link underneath each newsletter.

Cookie Policy

Codebreakers uses cookies and similar techniques. We place and use several kinds of cookies for the following purposes:

1. Functional cookies:

We use functional cookies so that our website works the way it should work. We don’t have to ask for permission for these kinds of cookies.

2. Analytical cookies:

We collect statistics and analyse those, so that we can improve the experience on our website and the effectiveness of our advertisements. For some kinds of analytical cookies, permission must be asked. However, we use an anonymous Google Analytics, which means that we don’t have to ask for permission.

3. Tracking cookies:

In order to build a personal profile for you, so that we can show you relevant content and advertisements, we use tracking cookies. We also use these cookies to analyse our target audience. We also have a Facebook pixel on our website. This way, we keep track of which of our pages you look at, so that we can offer you relevant advertisements on Facebook. You must give permission for these kinds of cookies. You do so by agreeing to our cookies.

Cookies can be deleted at any given moment in the browser configuration of your computer. If you do so, we will ask for permission again. Personal information that are linked to services, such as your Facebook or Google account, can be deleted at those particular organizations. Your permission is valid for six months, unless you revoke it through the configuration of your browser.

If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions about this privacy policy, we want to refer you to